Frequently Asked ?'s

What is BOOK IT! and who can enroll?

What are the BOOK IT! Program dates?
BOOK IT! runs October 1st through March 31st each year.

Who is eligible?
The BOOK IT! Program is offered to students in grades kindergarten through six only through the school they attend.

How does BOOK IT! work in the classroom?
During the program months, K-6 teachers set a monthly reading goal for each student in the class. The goal can be set by minutes, pages, books or pre-readers can even be read to by others. When the student meets their reading goal, the teacher awards them with a Reading Award Certificate good for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® to celebrate all the reading (restaurant participation may vary).

How does BOOK IT! work at Pizza Hut?
On the first visit to Pizza Hut, the award winner will receive their Personal Pan Pizza, and also an official BOOK IT!® Passport to Reading and sticker to track their reading throughout the six months. On subsequent visits, they will get another Personal Pan Pizza and sticker to add to their passport. View the passport here!

New in 2013. A BOOK IT! Yearbook are at Pizza Hut locations for BOOK IT! readers to autograph and more!

I am a home educator.  Am I eligible to participate in BOOK IT!?
Yes, if you are a home educator and your K-6 student does not attend another educational facility, you are eligible to participate.

My child is enrolled in a Virtual/On-Line School.  Should I enroll him/her as a homeschool?
No.  Students may only participate through the school that they attend so the Virtual/On-Line school will need to enroll in the program.

Can Virtual/On-Line schools enroll?
Yes.  Virtual/On-Line schools must complete a Virtual/On-Line School Order Form and Roster and returned via mail or fax by the deadline.  Re-orders are accepted from August 1 – September 15.

Are other groups and clubs eligible?
No.  While many other groups and programs (e.g., Boys & Girls clubs, Before & After School programs, Boys & Girl Scouts, 4H, public libraries, Family Resource Centers, youth groups, etc.) share our love of reading, our Advisory Council feels that if students participate in BOOK IT! in more than one place, the rewards offered will lose their effectiveness.

Is BOOK IT! offered internationally?
BOOK IT! is available at participating Pizza Hut restaurants in Canada and Puerto Rico.  Please contact these offices directly for information and availability.


Please note: BOOK IT! materials are not automatically shipped to schools. To guarantee your school receives materials, please order by the June deadline. (This deadline is always the second Friday in June.)

Does my local Pizza Hut restaurant have BOOK IT! teacher materials available?
No, the BOOK IT! office processes orders and ships direct to schools nationwide. Teacher materials are not available at Pizza Hut locations.

How do I enroll our school in the BOOK IT! Program for grades K-6?
Annual enrollment takes place between March and  June for the following school year.  

I'm a teacher. Can I order materials just for my class?
We appreciate receiving one order from schools and it should include all K-6th grade classes that would like to participate in the program.

We’ve added classes. How can we change the quantity?
Please call the toll free number, 1-800-426-6548, for assistance.

Who can enroll for the school?
We accept orders from principals, librarians and teachers.   Please ensure that the school has authorized this program prior to ordering.

The deadline has passed. Can we still order materials?
It is always best to order prior to the deadline to ensure receiving materials; however, we will accept orders until all of the materials have been allocated.

We didn’t receive an enrollment packet this year.

BOOK IT! has gone green and no longer mails enrollment packets.  Please make sure we have your email address so that you will be reminded when it's time to enroll in March. Click here to submit your email address.


When will we receive our materials?
The program materials will ship in late August and should deliver to schools by late September. 

What if we need more student reading award certificates?

Every teacher should have a complete packet prior to starting the program.  A pad of 120 reading award certificates is included in the packet and would be sufficient for 20 students, if they meet all 6 months reading goals.   For larger classes, extra reading award certificates will be available to order after December 1st.   Please call 1-800-426-6548 to order.

What months does the BOOK IT! Program run?
BOOK IT! is a six month reading incentive program that begins on October 1st and ends on March 31st.  Please review your teacher guidelines prior to starting the program.

Can I extend the program past March?
No.  Every certificate should be awarded to the student as soon as they meet their monthly reading goal.  The final certificate should be awarded by the end of March at the latest so that parents have sufficient time to redeem them by May 1st.  All BOOK IT! certificates expire on May 1st.

Why do the certificates expire?
The BOOK IT! Advisory Council feels that students who are participating in the program should be rewarded as soon as possible after meeting their reading goal so that the motivation to continue reading and meeting goals continues.  Parents have 30 days to redeem the certificate after it is issued by the teacher.  Please refer to the Rules and Guidelines in your packet.

What if I forget to give out the reading award certificates? Can I give out two in one month? 
Issue the reading award certificate as soon as possible and circle the month that the goal was met.  Date it the day you issue the certificate.   Students have 30 days from the date of issue to redeem the certificate, and only one certificate may be redeemed per student per visit . When students are given multiple certificates, it can cause confusion with parents and at Pizza Hut. 

Can I give out blank certificates?
Certificates must be filled in by the teacher to be valid.  Pizza Hut may refuse to redeem certificates that are not filled in due to issues with fraudulently obtained or misused certificates.

Can I use the certificates for a class pizza party?
Group redemptions and parties are prohibited.  The completed certificate is to be awarded to the student that earned it.  All restaurants have been equipped and trained to provide individual recognition.

What if my pad of certificates was misplaced/stolen?
Each certificate has a retail value so always keep them in a safe place.  Please call 1-800-426-6548 if replacement certificates are needed. 

What should I do with the remaining certificates once I've finished the program?
Please destroy any remaining certificates after you have given out the final March certificates. The certificates are void and will not be accepted if altered, transferred, exchanged, sold, purchased or copied. They must be presented in accordance with the BOOK IT! Program guidelines. Any other use constitutes fraud.


R.E.D. Zone Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pizza Hut offer any programs for early childhood?

We support early literacy with the R.E.D. Zone - Read Every Day. We have heard from many teachers and parents that the interactive materials we provide are key in encouraging read-aloud time. As a result, we are excited to continue to provide many web printables and resources for parents and teachers in support of early childhood literacy.

Who is eligible to utilize the R.E.D. Zone and enter the Give Me Twenty Reading Challenge?
Preschool and Pre-K classrooms and parents of young children may use all resources on the R.E.D. Zone.

Will any posters or materials be mailed to my preschool or child- care?
No, all materials on The R.E.D. Zone are available for download and printing only.

Are there Personal Pan Pizza certificates available for R.E.D. Zone participants?
No, individual incentives are not part of the R.E.D. Zone resources.  There are, however, sweepstakes prize incentives for participating in the Give Me Twenty Reading Challenge.