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Let's Get Digital

Ready to get reading? Excited to help your kids meet their goals? Getting out your pen and paper? Not so fast! Using our digital tools is a fun and easy way for your children to track their monthly reading progress. Check out these tips for reading with our student tracker and app.
Download the free BOOK IT! app on your smart phone. Or you can track reading with the Student Tracker from a desktop computer.
First-timers will need to enter the registration code provided by their teacher, as well as their last name. Then your student gets to choose a dragon to read with.
Pro tip: If you have more than one child at home reading with the app, save those codes. You will need to enter them each time you change between readers.
Find a good book, start the timer and READ! As your kids read, they will earn coins. The more coins your children earn, the more accessories they can unlock, dressing up their dragon.
Your students’ reading time will automatically be sent to their teacher and count toward their monthly reading goal through the Teacher Dashboard. No need to turn in signed reading logs anymore. Keep reading, earning coins and meeting your goals each month. And most of all, have fun!