Principal Challenge Nov. 11-15

Last year, BOOK IT! challenged every school principal to “read your heart out” during National Young Readers Week.  Hundreds of school principals joined in on the fun in entertaining and wacky principal even read on the roof of school with snow on the ground in freezing temperatures! 

This year BOOK IT! is inviting thousands of school principals to join the fun.  Research shows that the single most important factor in raising a reader is reading aloud.  And, the only way to get better at reading is to do it. Be a leader and show your school the way! 

Choose one day
Choose one day during National Young Readers Week (November 11-15) as your "read your heart out" day.
Commit to reading the entire school day - from the first bell to the last! Get ideas here.
Go Public
Let everyone know that you are taking the Read Your Heart Out Challenge. After all, if you set up camp on the roof, you're going to need food and water. Here's a media alert you may want to use.

As soon as the last bell rings, LIKE and POST "I read my heart out today for BOOK IT! at _________(Your School)___________ (Your City and State) on the BOOK IT! Facebook page or tweet at

*( IT1985)

Cross Your Fingers!

Cross your fingers that the following week, you'll receive a phone call letting you know that you've won 100 copies of the eighth book, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck, releasing on November 5th for your school library as well as one autographed copy for yourself (or perhaps a student who read their heart out?!).

Are you ready to take the challenge and read your heart out?

If so, please pre-register so BOOK IT! can help make sure you are well prepared and have the tools you need to really show your students that you've got heart for reading.

Official Rules

Flyer Media/Photo Alert template Stickers and Table tents Reluctant Principal Petition