March 2nd - April 24th, 2015

We’re jubilant (that’s fancy for very happy) to announce that the fantastically popular Fancy Nancy children’s book series by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser is the feature partner for the Spring Give Me 20 Challenge. Nancy loves extravagant words, sparkly accessories, fabulous parties, anything French, and so much more. Since she was first introduced to young readers one decade ago (that’s fancy for 10 years), Nancy has shown her family—and the world—how much fun it is to be fancy!

1. Read All About It

Shine a spotlight on establishing a reading routine by issuing this eight-week challenge to your young readers and families. Read to your class/children at least 20 minutes per day, five days per week and you can enter for a chance to win one of 50 prize packs including a copy of the splendiferous 10th anniversary edition of the original Fancy Nancy picture book, a plush doll and a Pizza Hut® gift card.

2. Register to Participate

Register for the Give Me Twenty Reading Challenge and you will be eligble for a chance to win a fun prize package! You will also receive weekly e-notes to help keep your reading on track and the link to the entry form at the end of the challenge. Celebrate Fancy Nancy’s 10th Anniversary in your classroom and help your students turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, just like Nancy.

3. Get Ready to Read

Tell your class that read-aloud time is going to be extra special because you'll be going on a reading adventure every day! Download reading tips, a parent letter, Fancy Nancy-themed printables, activities, a reading calendar and display ideas!






Fancy Nancy illustrations © by Robin Preiss Glasser.