During story time, children learn about books, how to handle them, that words read left to right on the page, that reading starts at the top of the page, and that pictures tell us more about the story.  So much more happens, though, when the story being read is purposely accompanied by activities or related stories that further stretch the literacy experience!  By integrating the story into other activities such as drawing, letter recognition, fine motor, matching, sorting, and sequencing, you are laying the groundwork for growing a reader in way that is interactive and fun!


In celebration of the Fall season, download our Fall-related Read and Do Activities that help kids further learn about the reading experience.

I Eat Leaves

In this Read & Do you will learn the scientific names for leaves and the animals that love to eat them!

Leaves by Bodach

Another great Read & Do for your classroom about leaves.


This Read & Do is a story about a boy and his budding friendship with a plant.

Leaves by Stein

This Read & Do is about a young bear's first autumn experience as he discovers falling leaves.

Leaf Man

Fall comes to life as children follow the wind blowing leaves and other natural elements across the country.

Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

Follow a mama bear and her cub on a nature walk as they search for leaves and learn about a leafs life cycle.

The Leaf that Wouldn't Leave

A colorful Read & Do that depicts a young leaf's fear of change and discovers how change isn't always a bad thing.

The Little Yellow Leaf

If you were a leaf what color would you like to be?

Leaf Trouble

Follow two squirrels as they discover the beautiful changes that happen during autumn.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!

In this Read & Do you will discuss the illustrations, rhyming text and predict what will happen next.

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