During story time, children learn about books, how to handle them, that words read left to right on the page, that reading starts at the top of the page, and that pictures tell us more about the story.  So much more happens, though, when the story being read is purposely accompanied by activities or related stories that further stretch the literacy experience!  By integrating the story into other activities such as drawing, letter recognition, fine motor, matching, sorting, and sequencing, you are laying the groundwork for growing a reader in way that is interactive and fun!


In celebration of the Winter season, download our free Winter-related Read and Do Activities that help kids further learn about the reading experience. Simply click the button for the title you wish to download.


The Mitten  The 12 Days of Winter  Winter: An Alphabet Acrostic


The Big Snow  It's Snowing! It's Snowing!  Snow

Snow is My Favorite and My Best  The Snowy Day  The Story of Snow


The Snowman  A Perfect Snowman  A Snowman Named Just Bob  All You Need for a Snowman

The Biggest Snowman Ever  Just a Snowman  Max & Mo Make a Snowman  Sneezy the Snowman

The Snow Dance  Snow Friends  Snowmen at Night  Stranger in the Woods

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