Create Lifelong Readers

Display Ideas

Classroom budget a little small this year? That doesn't mean your displays have to be! Decorate your classroom and motivate your students to read their hearts out with these simple ideas using materials that can be found in your local craft, hardware or teacher supply store.  Click to share your displays!

This is no ordinary heart! Your students will love adding a new heart to your display every time they complete a book. Perfect for a whole-school display. How many hearts can your class create in one year?

Together you and Dante the Dragon can ignite your students' passion for reading. A fiery way to display your classroom poster and monthly Minute Tracker classroom goal certificates.

The question dreaded by every teacher, "I'm done, now what will I do?" Help students become more independent with a bulletin board designed not only to keep students on task, but to encourage more reading as well.

Your students will celebrate every time you add another Minute Tracker goal certifciate and add their total minutes read each month on your poster. Display with pride!

Make transition time productive and engaging with a task display board featuring everyone's favorite character, Greg Heffley. Great for tight spots and for organizing all your activities.

Wimpy is the new cool. Get your students ready for reading every day as they walk into your classroom. How long will it take your class to cover the entire door?