Tom Angleberger

Creator Spotlight

We are so excited to partner with Tom Angleberger this year and feature his Origami Yoda series. Tom shared with us a few thoughts on kids books:

The one problem with books is that they're so easy to put down.
A TV show or a song or a YouTube video just sort of washes over you, but a book requires you to work a little bit to keep moving forward. And if you lose momentum (or need to stop to eat pizza) you might put that book down and never pick it up again.
So when I write books, I try to make that "work" disappear. I've tried to remove all possible roadblocks and give kids an open, downhill road -- no big lessons, no fancy writing, but hopefully some laughs. And if they do have to put the book down, I hope I've left them so curious about what's around the next curve that they pick it back up. And I don't even mind if they get pizza grease on it!

Want to learn more about Tom and his books? Watch this fun introduction video!

Tom Angleberger
Tom Angleberger (Photo: Courtesy of Tom Angleberger)

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