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This month we talked to Adam Rubin, author of The Ice Cream Machine, about some of his favorite things:

Favorite Food: My favorite food is fried chicken because it's something I never make at home. My favorite snack is popcorn which I cook for myself almost every night!

Favorite book as a kid: As a little kid, my favorite book was The Monster at the End of this Book. When I got a bit older, I obsessed over the anthologies of The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. I still remember kneeling over my bed and reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (and The Hobbit). 

Favorite word: My favorite word is "booyah." It's fun to say anytime something excellent happens. BOOYAH.

Favorite thing about being an author: My favorite thing about being an author is that I don't have to commute to an office. I used to have a day job and set an alarm clock but now I wake up from the sunshine and rarely have to deal with rush hour.

Favorite Animal: My favorite animal is either a grizzly bear or a river otter. I went to Alaska to see them both. Day to day, I like dogs. There are lots of friendly dogs who live in my neighborhood.

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