Creator Spotlight - Alison Farrell

Creator Spotlight

Alison Farrell
Alison Farrell

This month we talked to Alison Farrell about her book The Hike.

When I hike, I most enjoy the feeling of being fully submerged in the forest. I love foraging, waterfalls, forest smells, and that open-spirited feeling at the top. There is nothing quite like an expansive landscape to make me feel free in the world! I always stop for wild berries, miner’s lettuce, and vanilla leaf. I’ll probably take a picture of that orange mushroom I saw and look it up later. I enjoy a slowed-down, curious, observational, and reflective perspective on hiking. I hope The Hike can inspire kids to connect to nature too! I would love to see kids take the invitation to pack a sketchbook or a field guide, create a hiking ritual, or simply to notice the beauty of the world in whatever way is meaningful to them. Whether it is in a neighborhood or on a trail, opportunities to submerge yourself in nature is all around!

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