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Creator Spotlight

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This month we talked to Andrea Wang, author of Watercress and The Many Meanings of Meilan, about some of her favorite things:

Favorite ice cream flavor: It's a toss-up between mint chocolate chip and chocolate hazelnut.

Favorite book as a kid: I read all the time as a kid, so it's really hard to pick a favorite. I loved stories with portals to another world or time, and any book with dragons in it.

Favorite word: My favorite word is "gloaming." I love how slightly creepy it sounds and how it perfectly describes the time of day right after the sun sets. I haven't figured out how to put it into a book yet, though!

Favorite thing about being an author: I love the way writing, like reading, can transport me into another world. But with writing, it's a world I've created myself.

Favorite animal I'd love to have as a pet: I would love to have a chinchilla, because they seem so soft and cuddly!


Follow Andrea Wang on Twitter @AndreaYWang and on Instagram @andreawhywang.

Be sure to watch our exclusive video from the author herself! 

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Watch Andrea introduce her book here!


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