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Creator Spotlight - Andy Elkerton










Hi there. My name's Andy, and I draw books. (Like How to Catch a Reindeer.)
Here's how!

After school, I went to art college for three years and took courses that covered all kinds of arty stuff.

I studied graphic design, illustration, photography, textile design and even jewelry design.

Out of all these, my very favorite was illustration, and I decided right then that as soon as I graduated, I'd become a children's book illustrator because it looked like the best job ever!

I didn't realize I'd do lots of different jobs first though. Over the years, I've worked as a video game artist, in an art gallery, given tours in a Scottish Whisky Distillery and even worked in a Medieval Castle!

Today though, I'm finally (and happily) an illustrator.

I've illustrated lots of books and magazines and even written a few. I've worked on ad campaigns, designed toys and drawn board games. And all those years ago, I was right; it IS the best job ever.

Illustrating the "How to Catch" series has been an AMAZING experience for me. They're funny stories which help children think creatively and come up with trap ideas of their own. The big cast of crazy characters allows my imagination to go wild when I'm putting their world down on paper; what more could an illustrator ask for?

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