Creator Spotlight - Angela Joy

Creator Spotlight

Angela Joy
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Author Angela Joy shared her thoughts on creating her phenomenal book, Black is a Rainbow Color:


When my children were small, my daughter looked at me with an air of pre-school superiority and asked, “Mama, why do you keep calling us Black when really we’re brown?”  It was an innocent question, but it confused me.  How could I put into words what I’d learned by osmosis?  It took time and reflection but the result is this book, Black Is a Rainbow Color.  

I never dreamed I’d be an author.  My dream was music and I spent many years making that dream come true.  But when my children were born, my dreams changed.  I noticed how difficult it was to find books with families that looked like ours.  In fact, the year my youngest was born, only 10% of all children’s books were by or about people of color.*  With the gifts of time, vision, and opportunity, I decided to throw my hat into the ring as a writer with one goal: to bring greater diversity to the bookshelves of children.

I hope that Black Is a Rainbow Color will be a help to parents and educators who believe as I do: that bookshelf diversity leads to everyday diversity; and that everyday diversity—on street corners and playgrounds, places of worship and birthday parties—is the most beautiful rainbow of all.

*Statistic from Lee & Low Books

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