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For this month's Creator Spotlight, we spoke with Caroline Arnold, author of Planting a Garden in Room 6. Here is what she shared with us:

I never thought I would be an author when I was growing up, but I loved to read. When I was in the fifth grade I tried to read all the books in the library! 

I began to write when my children were small. At the time, we had a big vegetable garden behind our house.  As we dug up the dirt for planting we saw wiggly worms. That gave me an idea for one of my first stories. Since then I have written 170 books for children, including my newest book about kindergarten children planting a school garden. 

Writing a book is a little bit like growing a garden - planting the seed of an idea; nurturing it so it can reach its full potential; weeding to make sure it has room to grow; pruning when necessary to focus growth on the main stalk; and finally, harvesting the finished product and sharing it with others. 

My favorite part of being an author is when the book is finished and I can hold it in my hand. I hope that as you turn the pages of my books you will learn something that you never knew before, just as I do every time I research and write a new book.

Watch Caroline talk about the inspiration behind her book and share a few gardening tips you can try at home!

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