Creator Spotlight - Hannah Salyer

Creator Spotlight

Creator Spotlight: Hannah Salyer










This month we talked to Hannah Salyer about her book, PACKS: Strength in Numbers.

"There were many considerations that went into making PACKS: Strength in Numbers. But when I think about the driving ideas behind the book, I think about the significance of ecology — how vastly unique creatures live in every corner of our global ecosystem. I wanted to make sure I was giving attention to all different types of animals, and I wanted to create art that would highlight the power and beauty that arises when large groups of creatures gather. Also how we don’t solely rely on our own kind to survive! 

Every species has a key role to play on our planet that directly helps or influences all of the other organisms living here. There are so many more wonderful creatures of all kinds that work together in groups and sadly I didn’t get to cover all of them, but I encourage everyone to explore this idea beyond the pages of Packs."

You can learn more about Hannah on her website Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure to watch our exclusive video from the author herself! 


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