Creator Spotlight - Heather Stricker

Creator Spotlight

This month we talked to Heather Stricker about her modern holiday classic, Together. Watch her read her book then read about her inspiration behind it:

Together was inspired by my youngest son. We had just moved across the country, away from all of our family and friends and my husband was on an extended work trip to the Middle East, leaving us all feeling homesick and a little lonely. In his letter to Santa, my son said he wished our family could all be together. When I sat down with him and talked about all of his favorite things to do during the holidays, it was clear that what he loves most are the traditions we do together like going into the city, picking out our Christmas tree and decorating gingerbread houses. I thought about my own holidays growing up and realized that I could recall very few gifts but I had wonderful memories of family traditions and time spent together. We have always prioritized experiences over things, but my son reminded me that there is truly no greater gift than time. I’m forever grateful for the moments I have the privilege of sharing with my children and I wish every family the gift of togetherness this holiday season.


You can find out more about Heather Stricker on her Instagram and website.

Heather Stricker Family Photo
Photo Credit: Laura Barr Photography
Heather Stricker Son
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