Creator Spotlight - Joanna Ho

Creator Spotlight

This month we spoke with Joanna Ho about her book Eyes That Kiss in the Corners:

Joanna Ho
Photo Credit: Amber Courtney of Light Livin Photography

Growing up, I wished that I had large eyes and long lashes like characters in the movies and books I consumed. I used to look in the mirror and pull up my eyelids, trying to imagine myself with different features. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I began to recognize my own beauty and the insidious, oppressive nature of the narrow standard of beauty too often perpetuated in society. When we are taught to hate how we look, we are also taught to hate who we are, where we come from, who we come from and the histories and cultures that have shaped us. Learning to recognize our own beauty despite constant messaging that "others" our features is truly an act of resistance and revolution. This book is for me, my mom, my Amah, my daughter, and for anyone who has ever wished some part of themselves looked different. I hope readers will recognize their own beauty and step into their own power.

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