Creator Spotlight - Karamo Brown

Creator Spotlight

Karamo Brown
Karamo Brown

We spoke with Karamo Brown about his new book I Am Perfectly Designed.


I Am Perfectly Designed is a mantra that I told my son & co-author, Jason Brown, when he was younger to remind him that no matter what the world says about him, that he must try to love every part of who he is. He was bullied because we did not have a lot of money, because of how he looked, and because his dad is gay. I could see it was affecting him so I gave him a mantra to say to himself any time that he felt down. This was the first tool I gave to him to build a bridge towards self-love regardless of what the bullies would say. As we all know, how we feel about ourselves starts to develop from the moment a child begins to interact with the world around them.  As they get older, they begin to believe those negative messages that they have been told about themselves. I wrote “I Am Perfectly Designed” in hopes that kids and adults alike who read it would be reminded that every part of who they are is perfectly designed… no matter what others have told them. This book is an ode to loving you exactly as you are.

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