Creator Spotlight - Melanie Shankle

Creator Spotlight

We talked to Melanie Shankle about her dogs, and her book Piper and Mabel: Two Very Wild but Very Good Dogs.

Six years ago, my family turned our lives upside down when we brought home two puppies named Piper and Mabel. The original plan was to only get one puppy, but it's hard to not want to take them all home once you smell their puppy breath and their paws that smell like Fritos. Even though we'd always had dogs, we were not prepared for the pure craziness that embodies Piper and Mabel. They are either asleep (preferably on our couch) or going full speed into whatever mischief they can find. The book Piper and Mabel is inspired by the true story of how they got kicked out of three different doggy daycare facilities because they only want to be home with their people. They are truly very wild, but very good dogs and we can't imagine life without them!

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Melanie Shankle
Photo Credit: Leslie Lonsdale
Piper and Mabel
Piper and Mabel Photo Credit: Melanie Shankle

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