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Creator Spotlight - Ria Thundercloud











This month we talked to Ria Thundercloud, author of Finding My Danceabout a few of her favorite things.

Favorite food: Chicken wild rice, something that is indigenous to the Midwest. Gathering wild rice is a technique that has been practiced pre contact with Europeans. 

Favorite book as a kid: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Favorite dance: Contemporary when I am dancing classically and a tie between jingle and fancy when it comes to pow wow.

Favorite word: Love, because it can be used so interchangeably as a form of expression or a noun. 

Favorite thing about being an author: Storytelling with my words vs dance movements

Favorite animal: I love hawks and wolves because they are protectors and hunters, an amazing balance of fierce and majestic.

Ria Thundercloud Author Video

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