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The First Rule of Punk
The First Rule of Punk

Welcome back to school. Whether your students are ready to jump right in or nervous about their first day, we have a book for you to share. We also have vocabulary and comprehension questions to extend the learning. Then try out one of our suggested activities to take it even further.

Older students will love to read The First Rule of Punk and will relate to Malú. There is also a Spanish version, La primera regla del punk. Keep an eye out for our Author Spotlight this month, featuring Celia C. Pérez and even more amazing dual-language content for your readers in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15, 2021).

The Giggles are Coming

The Giggles are Coming
The Giggles are Coming

Watch the book trailer for The Giggles are Coming.


giggles– unable to stop laughing
surrounded- to be on every side of
ignore– to act like you do not see or hear something or someone
resist– to prevent yourself from doing something that you want to do
guffaw– to laugh loudly

After you are done reading The Giggles are Coming, ask your students these questions:

Where does the story take place?
What are some of the things Noodles did when he arrived at school?
What did Miss Terri, the teacher, tell the students she doesn't like to eat?
When did the giggles first start coming?
What did the students try to do to stop the giggles?
Were they successful in stopping the giggles?
What hits Noodles on the back of the head?
How did Miss Terri react to all the giggles, guffaws, and chuckles?
Do you think the friends will have a fun year at school?

Download this activity from the publisher to keep laughing.

First Day of Critter Jitters
First Day of Critter Jitters

Watch the book trailer for First Day Critter Jitters.


nervous – feelings of being worried or afraid
sloth – an animal that lives in the tress in South and Central America and moves very slowly
pacing – moving back and forth in the same space again and again
anxious – nervous or afraid about what may happen
tense – nervous and not able to relax
skittish – easily frightened or excited
hibernating – to spend the winter sleeping or resting
mnemonic - a pattern of letters or ideas that helps you remember something

After you are done reading First Day Critter Jitters, ask your students these questions:

How is Sloth feeling about the first day of school?
What is Chauncy feeling about going to school?
Who is feeling skittish about going to school?
What does Nelly want to do about going to school?
Rabbit has a lot of energy, what he is thinking might happen when he is in class?
What does young kangaroo think about going to school?
Why does a rock roll into the front of their classroom?
How was Mr. Sherwood feeling about coming to teach and meet his new students?
What was Mr. Sherwood nervous about?
What different things do the students offer to help Mr. Sherwood overcome being nervous?

Download this activity from the publisher and get ready for school!

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