Halloween Read and Do 2022

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Wilford and Blue, Halloween Hysteria:  

A Halloween Book for KidsWilford and Blue, Halloween Hysteria: A Halloween Book for Kids


tangled - mixed up
calm -  still or nearly still



After you are done reading Wilford and Blue, Halloween Hysteria: A Halloween Book for Kids, ask your students these questions:

Does Farmer McDonald like scary things?
What did Wilford get tangled up in?
Who did the cows, chickens, pigs and Farmer McDonald think was coming after them?
How did they find out who was the ghost?
What idea did Farmer McDonald have to add to the Halloween decorations on the farm?


Watch Farmer Lucas Pumpkin Harvest!

Happy Owl-Oween!Happy Owl-Oween!


heap - to pile up items
cider - juice made from apples




After you are done reading Happy Owl-Oween!, ask your students these questions:

Who do the owls want to trick?
What do they like to sip?
What do they dip?
What did they share?


Take a tour and learn what it takes to grow a thriving pumpkin farm.

The Witch's Cat and the Cooking Catastrophe

Vocab:The Witch's Cat and the Cooking Catastrophe

scrumptious - very pleasing, delicious
broth- a soup
boasting - to speak with pride about oneself
seasonings - salt, an herb, or spice to improve the flavor of something
potion - a drink that has magical powers
catastrophe - any misfortune, mishap, or failure



After you are done reading The Witch's Cat and the Cooking Catastrophe, ask your students these questions:

How closely did the cat follow the directions for the recipe?
What seasonings did the cat add to finish off the broth?
What happened when the lovely witch took a gulp of the soup?
What were the ingredients in the Undo Soup?
Did the Undo Soup potion work?
What was in the Witch's Stew recipe? 
Did it work to turn the dog back into a witch?
Was the cat ever allowed to cook again?
What magical adventure do you think the cat will come up with next?


Help the cat find the witch’s cauldron in this fun, spooky-themed maze.

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