November Read and Do 2022

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How to Make a MountainThere is so much diversity in the topography of our amazing Earth and so much to learn about the place we call home.  These three books, plus vocab and comprehension questions, will help your students explore our planet's rivers, canyons and mountains. 

How to Make a Mountain

summit - the highest point
collide - to come together with a solid impact
ravine - a small narrow valley with a steep side, larger than a gully and smaller than a canyon
glacier - a large area of ice moving slowly down a slope or valley or spreading outward on a land surface
lichens - plantlike living things made up of an algae and a fungus growing together on a solid surface
conifer - an order of mostly evergreen trees and shrubs having leaves resembling needles or scales in shape


After you are done reading How to Make a Mountain, ask your students these questions: 

What's the first step in making a mountain?
When do mountains form?
What does a ravine help form?
How do the changing global climate patterns impact our planet?
How do you make a glacier? Do glaciers move?
What happens when the climate warms?
What types of plants grow on mountains?
What do animals need to live on a mountain?
How do you care for a mountain? 


Watch "Where Do Mountains Come From?"

Over and Under the CanyonOver and Under the Canyon

skitter - to run or move quickly
canyon - a deep valley with steep sides of rocks
bounds - to run with long steps
kestrel - a bird of prey
crevice - a narrow opening in a rock or wall






After you are done reading Over and Under the Canyon, ask your students these questions:

What animals live in the canyon? 
Who soars above the canyon hunting for breakfast?
Is the roadrunner prey or predator when it crosses paths with a snake?
What can you learn by looking down at the ground when walking through a canyon?
What types of plants do you find in the canyon?
What colors does the author describe seeing in the canyon?
What animals come out at night in the canyon?
What do you imagine the night sky would look like in the canyon?
Would you want to visit a canyon and camp out under the stars at night?


Explore the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon with this video.

They Call Me River

Vocab:They Call Me River
river - a natural stream of water
boundaries - a real or imagined line that marks the limits or edges of something and separates it from other things or places
merge - to be or cause to be swallowed up or absorbed in something else
suspended - to hang free on all sides except at the point of support



After you are done reading They Call Me River, ask your students these questions:

How does River move?
Who are River's playmates?
What stops River?
Who keeps River company when they are out in the wide-open lonesome landscapes?
How does River fulfill wishes?
What happens when River meets the ocean?
What begins again as River returns to the sky?


Watch the book trailer for They Call Me River.

Watch this video and learn all about water cycles.

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