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Smitten with Kittens
Smitten with Kittens

May is National Pet Month and we are excited to celebrate all our beloved friends with these three books and activities. Whether they are furry, feathered or have scales, pets are a beloved part of our families. So curl up with your favorite animal and find a book you can read together.

Smitten with Kittens


smitten - strong feelings of attraction or affection
fierce - displaying an intense aggressiveness
mischief - playful misbehavior or troublemaking

After you are done reading Smitten With Kittens, ask your students these questions:

What are some things kittens like to do?
What are some things kittens like to watch?
Where do kittens like to hide?


Draw a kitten you have or a kitten you would like to have on this activity sheet.


Barkus: The Most Fun (Book 3)
Barkus: The Most Fun

Barkus: The Most Fun (Book 3)


screech - a high shrill cry
contented - feeling or showing satisfaction
ambling - a leisurely walk



After you are done reading Barkus: The Most Fun, ask your students these questions:

How did Baby end up getting to go on the camping trip?
What happens when the father opens the way back to put the suitcases in the car?
What happens when the cows get out on the road?
What do Jess and Barkus name the new calf?
What does the Ambling of Calves Parade celebrate?
What types of animals were included in the parade?
Who shows up in the newspaper photo and why?
Did the cabin in the woods have modern conveniences?
How did they entertain themselves in the cabin?
How does the story end?


Watch this fun video to learn more about dogs.


PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together
PAWS: Gabby Gets It

PAWS: Gabby Gets it Together


ridiculous - extremely silly
obsessed - preoccupied with a thought or idea
volunteer - spending some of your free time helping others
traumatic - emotionally disturbing
acronym - an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word



After you are done reading PAWS: Gabby Gets it Togetherask your students these questions:

What is the one thing that unites this group of friends?
How does Gabby's dad Malcolm feel about pets?
What kind of pen does Mindy keep in her purse? What is it used for?
What kind of videos do the girls like to watch together after school?
What is the plan the girls come up with?
Why couldn't the girls volunteer at the SPCA?
What are some of the names the girls come up with for Mr. Slobbers?
How does the first day of walking Doggo go?
How did the girls decide on a name for their club?
What is the solution for helping with Priya's pet allergies?
How did their first walk with all the dogs go?
Do you think Mindy was just walking dogs for the money?
What were some of the things the club had to invest their money in?
How do the girls save PAWS?
Would you ever want to start a business with your friends?



After you are done reading this book, watch this video that shows the behind-the-scenes creation of PAWS: Gabby Gets it Together and the book trailer.

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