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You are never too young to get involved in your local community. Anyone at any age can make a difference. Find amazing examples of activism and get your students involved with these three books.

Because Claudette
Because Claudette

Because Claudette


NAACP - an organization that works for the equal rights for African Americans
boycott - to refuse to buy or use something or go to a place, in order to protest or bring about change
donations - making a gift or contribution
challenged - dispute the truth or validity of
comply - to do what is asked



After you are done reading Because Claudette, ask your students these questions:

Why was Claudette Colvin arrested?
How did Claudette meet Rosa Parks?
What did Claudette and Rosa do together?
How did Claudette’s classmates feel about her? How did that make Claudette feel?
Who inspired Claudette?
What other activists said “no” to giving up their bus seats?
How did Dr. King play a role in the bus boycott?
How did Claudette help convince the judges to change the bus law?
Do you think you can become an activist someday when you see a need for change?


Watch this video from the author and illustrator of Because Claudette as they discuss how the book came together.


She Persisted: Wangari Maathai
She Persisted: Wangari Maathai

She Persisted: Wangari Maathai


Kenya - a republic in eastern Africa that borders the Indian Ocean
colonizer - a nation or state that takes control of people or an area as an extension of itself
squatter - one that settles on a property, without right or title or payment of rent
insecticide - an agent that destroys one or more species of insects
vegetation - plant life or a total plant-covered area
discrimination - unjust treatment of different categories of people or things
democracy - government by the people


After you are done reading She Persisted: Wangari Maathai, ask your students these questions:

What were some of the daily jobs young Wangari did for her family?
When Wangari was a child why were children encouraged to play out in the rain and hailstorms?
Why do you think trees had great meaning for Wangari?
Which teacher helped influence Wangari’s interest in science?
What were some of the difficulties Wangari faced when she was working at the University College of Nairobi?
How was Wangari able to help support the rural women that were part of the National Council of Women of Kenya?
What was Wangari’s nickname?
How was the Green Belt Movement Born? Was the government receptive to Wangari?
What was Wangari’s dream?


Download this book discussion guide from Penguin Random House.

Watch this Q&A Video with the author, Eucabeth Odhiambo.

Sofia Valdez’s Big Project Book for Awesome Activists
Sofia Valdez’s Big Project Book for Awesome Activists

Sofia Valdez’s Big Project Book for Awesome Activists


activist - a person who believes in action for change
community - a group of people with common interests
leader - a person in charge or having control
volunteer - a person who freely offers their service
informed - having knowledge
inspiring - to fill someone with the urge or ability to do something
empathy - being aware of and sharing another person’s feelings, experiences and emotions

After you are done reading Sofia Valdez’s Big Project Book for Awesome Activists, ask your students these questions:

What are some things an activist does?
What is one of the best ways to understand the feelings of others?
Who are the goverment leaders in your community
If you write to or contact a city leader or elected official, what are some of the ways to be respectful?
Find out if your school has a school board or group of citizens who make decisions for your school. Are they elected?
Are there any problems in your community you would like to have addressed?
What are some characteristics of good leaders?
What can you do to make the world a better place?


Download these activities from the publisher, Abrams.

Be A Leader

Stand Up for What You Believe In

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