Shelf Help December 2020

Books have the most impact when they act as windows and mirrors for students. Windows to see into the lives of others, and mirrors to see yourself reflected in print.

This month Shelf Help is featuring three books celebrating all of our different abilities. Read these books and see yourself, or learn about a new way of life.



Muffled is an enlightening book about auditory sensitivity and how one girl copes with her family and friends' help. Readers who are sensitive to sounds like Amelia will see themselves in this charming character. Others can learn more about what it’s like for those who have auditory sensitivity and how they can be more empathetic.

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Roll with It

Ellie is a middle school student and aspiring baker. When she and her mother move to help take care of her ailing grandfather, Ellie becomes the new kid at school. Follow Ellie on her journey to make new friends and find a place in her new school, all from the seat of her wheelchair. Author Jamie Sumner writes from her own experience as the mother of a son with cerebral palsy. 

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Anya’s Secret Society

Just like the author Yevgenia, Anya is left-handed and loves to draw. As a child growing up in Russia, Anya was taught that being left-handed was not acceptable. But she soon learns that greats like Michelangelo were left-handed, and Rembrandt used both hands just like her. Anya creates her secret society where being left-handed is celebrated. Differences don't make us less, they just mean we have our own way of doing things!

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