Shelf Help January 2021

New year, new mindset. January is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and set mindful goals for the next. Use these three books to help your students set their sights on an amazing new year!


Your Thoughts Matter: Growth Mindset

Your Thoughts Matter: Growth Mindset is great for talking with kids about the power of having a growth mindset. Students will also learn the benefits of challenges and learn to be ok with mistakes.

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Your Place in the Universe

Jason Chin takes the universe, something difficult to fathom, and makes it relatable and exciting for readers of all ages. Every kid will want to travel into space or work for NASA and adults will learn a thing or two after reading this beautifully illustrated informational journey through the universe.

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All Because You Matter

All Because You Matter is a beautifully illustrated book with a powerful message for everyone, especially children of color. We all matter, and it is the strength, power and beauty within us that helps us work toward our dreams and make them come true.

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