Shelf Help June 2019

Welcome to Shelf Help, a quick look at new and noteworthy books to read with your BOOK IT! students. BOOK IT! wants to make it easy to keep up with literary trends and popular reads to keep your students interested.

Looking for new books for your classroom? First Book eligible educators can find many amazing books at reduced prices from the First Book Marketplace. The first 100 educators at eligible schools can use code 19JuneShelfHelp at check out for $25 to spend on books. First Book has a whole selection of books featuring LGBTQ+ characters this month, including the four that we recommend!


Julián is a Mermaid

Beautiful illustrations with a message of acceptance and being your true self. Julián accompanies his Abuela to her water aerobics class and watches all the adorned women swimming around. Julián then daydreams about being a mermaid. His loving Abuela helps him celebrate that dream and bring it to life.

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The Misfits

The Gang of Five, a group of four best friends, work through the ups and downs of seventh grade, but no matter what, they all have each other.


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Jack (Not Jackie)

This book shows how different doesn’t mean wrong and the most important gift a family can give their child is love, acceptance and unconditional support regardless of their gender identity.

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