Shelf Help May 2021

Mother's Day this year is on Sunday, May 9, 2021. We want to celebrate all the amazing Mothers in our lives with these three books. Mothers, like families, come to us in many different ways, but we are always thankful we have them. 


Standing on Her Shoulders

In this inspiring picture book, a mother and a grandmother tell a young girl about her heritage. They talk about the women in her family and how they now stand on their shoulders. This helps her to feel empowered to become whatever she wants because of the women who have come before her. This book includes bios of diverse women throughout history upon whose shoulders we all stand.

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Just Like Mama

Celebrate the connection between adopted children and the forever families who welcome them with kindness, care and unconditional love in this powerful picture book.

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Like the Moon Loves the Sky

This is an enchanting book inspired by words from the Quran. Every page begins with the words “Inshallah you”, which means “if God wills it” in Arabic. These words are used throughout the world today by people of many faiths to recognize that there is a greater power beyond the self. Illustrations by printmaker Saffa Kahn are vibrant and complement the words of this book beautifully.

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