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Welcome to Camp BOOK IT!, a free summer reading and activity program to keep kids engaged throughout the summer months. The best part? Kids participating in Camp BOOK IT! will be able to earn a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® for meeting their reading goals each month – just like they do with BOOK IT! during the school year! 

We could not be more thrilled to be bringing BOOK IT! directly to your family. To participate, all you need to do is enroll at Once enrolled you can login to your family dashboard to track your child’s reading and they’ll be well on their way to earning a certificate for their very own Personal Pan Pizza, 

Below you will find recommended reading on this month's theme: INSECTS. You will also find activities, a tracking calendar and a badge for your student when they meet their monthly goal.  Have fun!


The Hike

Read about the adventures of Wren, El, Hattie and their little dog, Bean, as they head off on a hike and enjoy a day full of discovery. This is a perfect book for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to share that love with the budding naturalist in their life.

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Lumberjanes - The Good Egg

The Roanoke cabin campers are back together for another summer to hang out, earn badges and go on adventures. This summer they discover a giant egg in the forest. While the campers are waiting for the giant egg to hatch, poachers steal the egg. Never to be outsmarted, the campers come up with a plan to retrieve the egg.

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Long-Armed Ludy and the First Women's Olympics

Long Armed Ludy shares the story of one determined athlete who participated in the First Women's Olympics and won gold in the shot put. With beautiful illustrations and a charming narrative, the book's characters come to life on the page - reminding readers of the power of perseverance and community. Based on the true story of Lucile "Ludy" Godbold, this picture book is sure to inspire and delight readers of all ages.

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Anybody's Game

The true story of Kathryn "Tubby" Johnston - the first girl to play little league baseball - is proof that you don't have to be a grown-up to change the world. Anybody's Game is a colorful picture book that tells Johnston's story. This book demonstrates how courage, gumption, open-mindedness and inclusivity aren't just positive character traits - they're a force for positive social change.

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The Funniest Man in Baseball: The True Story of Max Patkin

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ What do you get when you combine a major league baseball hopeful, a WWII veteran and a clown? You get the real-life story of Max Patkin in The Funniest Man in Baseball. Patkin's story is humorously penned and illustrated in this picture book that will captivate and entertain readers - recounting hijinks with baseball greats Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Yogi Berra.

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Flying High:The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles

Simone Biles spent her early years in foster care. At the age of six, her grandparents adopted Simone and her sister Adria. That same year Simone was introduced to gymnastics. Her passion for the sport, her talent and determination as well as the support of her family helped her become one of the world’s greatest gymnasts.

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The Infamous Ratsos Camp Out

Join Louie and Ralphie Ratso on their latest adventure - going camping for the first time. This fun-filled tale shares lessons about enjoying the great outdoors, while also demonstrating the importance of community. The Infamous Ratsos show us that help can come from the most unexpected sources, and that - no matter your age - you can always accept a helping hand.

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The Hero Two Doors Down

Based on a true story, this book shares the heartwarming tale of Jackie Robinson and a young Brooklyn Dodgers fan who forged a friendship.

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