6 Tips to Get Back to School Stress Free

Enjoy these last few days of summer before your classroom is full of excited new faces.

Book and coffee

Read a book that is NOT related to teaching, a book just for pleasure. It’s a great way to get away and not have to leave your favorite comfy spot.

Coffee with friends

Plan a lunch or dinner with your significant other or friend outside of school. Make a pact to not talk about teaching or your classroom, at least for a night!

Two women working out

Find an exercise buddy and make a schedule of when and where you will meet to walk or exercise together. It is harder to put off an activity if you know you have someone waiting for you. The physical benefits of exercise and the mental benefits of spending time with a friend are great for lowering stress.

Candle, flowers and drink near bathtub

Deck out your bath! Nothing says relaxing like a bath with candles, music and maybe some wine! Go ahead and stock your bathroom with all the essentials for a luxurious soak. (Don’t have time to shop? Order them and have them delivered.) A good long soak in the tub will provide you with some quiet time on days that were short on quiet.

Make up bag with make up peaking out

Creature comforts! Maybe red lipstick is your go-to for the classroom, or maybe its lip balm. Whatever it is stock up and make yourself a bag of your favorite items to have handy in your classroom for when you need a little reinforcement. Think nail files, mints, breakfast bars, hand lotion, purse size perfume or your favorite color of sharpie or marker.

Two women looking at a smart phone

Create a playlist of favorite tunes or find some podcasts to listen to on your way to and from school. Give yourself a mental break as your transition from work to home.

Neon sign that reads And Breath in a green shrub.

Your job is so important, and you deserve to start this school year stress-free! The BOOK IT! team applauds you for your desire and efforts to teach the next generation. Read on!

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