Early Reading Strategies

When I'm Stuck on a Trick Word I can

Eagle EyeLook at the pictures for clues.

Lips the FishGet your lips ready! Say the first few sounds. Read to the end of the sentence and say it again.

Stretchy SnakeStretch it out. Stretch the word out slowly and then put the sounds together.

Chunky MonkeyChunk the word. Look for a chunk, like -at or -an, and then look for the word part, like -th or -ed.

Skippy the FrogSkip it and hop back. Skip the word, read to the end of the sentence, then hop back and read it again.

Flippy DolphinFlip the vowel. Try the short vowel sound, then the long vowel sound.

Tryin' LionTry to reread the sentence. Try a word that makes sense.

Book and Pizza readingIf you have tried all of these and still don't know, ask for help!

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