Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are complex emotions that can be hard to understand. Right now you could be grieving a pet, a person or a routine you used to have. Here are three books we recommend to help talk to your kids about grief and loss.

We also recommend downloading the First Book Trauma Toolkit. It is an excellent resource for working with students.



The Poet’s Dog

The Poet’s Dog is a tale about caring for others during hard times. It explores love, death, and family from an extraordinary dog’s point of view.

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Rabbit and the Motorbike

Find out how Rabbit recovered after losing his dear friend Dog in this story about love, loss, grief and moving on. Sometimes when someone leaves us, that loss can push us beyond our comfort zone, and into a life we never dreamed. 

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This is the story of a girl who moves to a new home where she doesn’t know anyone and becomes friends with an elderly neighbor. Sharing their love of art and nature led them through different seasons until it’s time to say goodbye. 

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