Frequently Asked Questions


CAMP BOOK IT! Summer Program

Who is eligible?
Camp BOOK IT! is available for K-6th grade students (ages 5-12).  A parent or guardian can visit our enrollment page and select "I’m a parent of a student in grades K-6" to enroll.

I’m a teacher at a summer camp, can I sign up my kids?

Camp BOOK IT! is designed for parents to participate with their children in K-6th grade (ages 5-12).  Please invite them to enroll and select "I’m a parent of a student in grades K-6."

I’m already enrolled in the 2020-21 BOOK IT! homeschool program, how can I enroll for Camp BOOK IT? Please follow these steps:

1.    Log out of your current homeschool account
2.    Visit our enrollment page
3.    Select “I’m a parent of a student in grades K-6”
4.    Select “Sign up for our parent-led summer reading program”

I’m already enrolled as a teacher at a school, and I’m a parent, how can I enroll for Camp BOOK IT!? 
Please follow these steps:

1.    Log out of your current teacher account (you may then need to clear your browser cache or use an incognito browser window)
2.    Visit our enrollment page
3.    Select “I’m a parent of a student in grades K-6”
4.    Select “Sign up for our parent-led summer reading program”
5.    Sign up using a personal email address, rather than your school email address

How do I track my child’s reading goals?

In order to track and reward your student, you will move the circle next to each child’s name to the right.  Move it all the way to the right when you are ready to reward them for meeting their monthly reading goal.

For more information on how to track and reward your children in your digital dashboard, please review our digital dashboard guide.

Are you going to send me certificates or books in the mail?

The Camp BOOK IT! Program is all digital.  When your child meets their reading goals the certificate will be emailed to the address you used to enroll.  Each reading award certificate has a unique code which you can use to order online or for carryout.  You can print the certificate or present the email on your cell phone at the restaurant.

The BOOK IT! Program does not provide the books for your children to read.  We do have many book lists available under our Resources and Articles pages for you to review and select titles.  We recommend visiting your local library to find amazing reads for your children.

Oops, what if I accidentally awarded a certificate before my child met their reading goal?

There is no way to undo the rewarding of a certificate.  You may continue to track on paper outside the dashboard and when your child meets their reading goal, you may then choose to redeem the certificate.  The summer reading certificates for June, July and August all expire on September 15th.

General Questions

What is the BOOK IT! Program?

BOOK IT! is a reading incentive program created by Pizza Hut in 1984. We empower teachers to motivate their students to read by providing Reading Award Certificates®, good for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® from Pizza Hut®. This program is free to schools.

What is the difference between the paper and digital program?


The paper version of the program is the same BOOK IT! we have always offered. Now, each teacher will enroll for their own class and we will ship all materials for your school in one box in September. Materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited each year; paper enrollment will close when paper materials run out or on August 17, whichever comes first. The package will be addressed to the first teacher who requests paper at your campus and a distribution list will be sent to the teachers by email. You will never need to log in to the dashboard if you request paper materials.

Looking for tracking calendars and other printables? Those are all available in the resources section of our website. You do not need to login to access those.


Enrollment for the digital version of the program is always open. Enrollment for the 2020-21 program year will start in March of 2020. We have updated the parent approval process so that it no longer requires parent email addresses. Parents will approve student participation using a unique URL that can be provided to them via printable, email or in the classroom (e.g open house or parent/teacher meetings). Parents can also provide email addresses so certificates can be emailed directly to them. If students do not receive parent approval, their name will be anonymized and teachers will still be able to print Reading Award Certificates for them. Digital certificates, both emailed and printed, can be redeemed by parents for dine in, carry-out or delivery and online. Teachers who choose the digital program also have access to classroom mode, found under the reporting section of the classroom dashboard. This is a fun, interactive classroom experience that celebrates students’ reading success. It was created with smart boards and projectors in mind, so teachers can celebrate with the whole class.

Learn more about our enrollment options.

All digital teachers will receive notice this summer when your dashboard is ready to set up. We have created user guides for teachers and homeschool families to walk them through dashboard set up, tracking and rewarding. 

When Does The Book It! Program Run?

The program runs October 1 through March 31 each year.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

The BOOK IT! program is offered to students in K-6 grades (ages 5-12) at the school they primarily attend.

How Does Book It! Work In The Classroom?

Each year from October to March, teachers set monthly reading goals for the students in their class. Number of minutes, number of pages or number of books – they all work! Also, parents can read with kids not yet reading independently. When a student reaches their reading goal, the teacher awards the student a Reading Award Certificate for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® from Pizza Hut®.

How Does Book It! Work at Pizza Hut?

When a child redeems their Reading Award Certificate with Pizza Hut, they are celebrated with a one-topping Personal Pan Pizza, a prize to track their reading through all six months and a sticker. On subsequent redemptions, they will earn another Personal Pan Pizza and sticker to add to their prize.


Place your order by phone or in the restaurant and let them know you have a BOOK IT! Certificate. Please note that one certificate per student per visit can be used, the certificate is for the student who earned it and is non-transferable and the student must be present to receive the pizza.


Visit, log in and make sure you have selected your local restaurant. Click on the cart icon in the top right corner and enter the serialized code in the Coupon Code box. If you are having issues, be sure there are no extra spaces at the start or end of the code. You will get a pop up that will direct you to create your Personal Pan Pizza, remember it’s one topping! Please note that delivery minimums apply. 

If you are ordering over the phone, just provide the serialized code on your certificate to the team member. When in-store, present your smart device (or a printed copy of the certificate) to the team member and they will enter the serialized code. Please note that one certificate per student per visit can be used, the certificate is for the student who earned it and is non-transferable and the student must be present to receive the pizza.

I Am A Home Educator. Am I Eligible To Participate In Book It!?

Yes! If you are a home educator and your K-6 grade (ages 5-12) child does not attend another educational facility, you are eligible to participate in our program. Please note that our homeschool program is all digital. We will not be mailing physical materials to your home, but you will be rewarding your students through our digital dashboard. Enroll now and get started!

We have created a user guide to walk you through tracking and rewarding your students.

Can Virtual/Online Schools Enroll?

Yes. Virtual and online schools are encouraged to participate in the digital version of our program, where certificates can be emailed directly to parents.

Are Other Groups And Clubs Eligible?

No. While many other groups and programs share our love of reading, BOOK IT! is only open to K-6 students in primary, elementary or middle schools and homeschool families. You can encourage schools in your community to enroll by directing them to our website.

Is Book It! Offered Internationally?

The program is available at participating Pizza Hut restaurants in Canada. Please contact the email addresses below for more information.



How Do I Enroll In The Book It! Program?

Please visit our enrollment page to get started.

I'm A Teacher. Can I Enroll My Individual Classroom?

Yes, we have moved to an individual classroom enrollment model. Each teacher must enroll their own classes to participate.Please visit our enrollment page to get started.

We encourage you to invite eligible teachers at your school to enroll. You can forward them an enrollment email you received, invite them as part of our enrollment process or share it at a staff-meeting, in-service day or in the break room. They need to visit our enrollment page to get started.

I Want To Enroll My Entire School Campus. How Does That Work?

GWe no longer accept campus-wide enrollments. We are asking each teacher to enroll their own classes because we have multiple ways to participate. Please direct your teachers to our enrollment page so they can get started.

Who Can Enroll For The School?

Anyone who works with students on reading at your campus can enroll. We do ask that each teacher enrolls only in the classes they personally teach and that students earn certificates from one teacher. Visit our enrollment page to begin or direct teachers to this page to have them enroll. Please ensure that your school has authorized this program prior to enrolling.

Does My Local Pizza Hut Restaurant Have Book It! Teacher Materials Available?

Teacher materials are not available at Pizza Hut locations. The BOOK IT! office processes orders and ships directly to schools nationwide.

Is There A Deadline To Enroll Your School?

With the new BOOK IT! Digital option, enrollment never closes, however, paper materials are limited. Each March, we begin enrollment for the following school year. Paper materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited each year; paper enrollment will close when paper materials run out or on August 17, whichever comes first. 

We’ve Added Classes. How Can We Change The Quantity?

Each teacher must enroll their own classes to participate. Please direct the new teachers to our enrollment page to get started.


When Will We Receive Our Print Materials?

For teachers that have opted to receive paper materials, they should be delivered to all participating schools in September each year for the program kick-off on October 1. If you do not receive your paper materials by October 1st, please contact the BOOK IT! Team for assistance. Please note that teachers opting for the digital program will not receive any print materials and will log into their teacher dashboard to reward students.

What If We Need More Print Reading Award Certificates?

Extra Reading Award Certificates will be available after December 1 for teachers who are using the paper program. Please contact the BOOK IT! Team to request additional certificates. Digital participants can add new students to their teacher dashboard at any time.

Do The Reading Award Certificates Expire?

Yes. The certificates expire 30 days from the issue date. For the digital program, teachers have until the 15th of each month to issue certificates for the prior month, e.g. teachers have until November 15th to reward students for October.

Can I Use The Certificates For A Class Pizza Party?

No. Group redemptions and parties are strictly prohibited. An important part of the BOOK IT! program is individual recognition of your students for meeting their reading goals and our team members are trained to provide individual recognition.

What Should I Do With Any Remaining Print Certificates Once I’ve Finished The Program?

Please destroy any remaining certificates after you have given out the final March certificates. The certificates are void and will not be accepted if altered, transferred, exchanged, sold, purchased or copied. They must be presented in accordance with the BOOK IT! program guidelines. Any other use constitutes fraud.

Early Childhood Literacy

Does Pizza Hut Offer Any Programs For Preschool Aged Children?

We support early literacy with the Give Me 20 Challenge.

Who Is Eligible To Enter The Give Me Twenty Challenge?

Preschool and Pre-K classrooms and parents of young children are eligible to enroll in Give Me 20 Challenge.

Are There Personal Pan Pizza Certificates Available For The Give Me 20 Challenge?

No, individual incentives are not part of the Give Me 20 Challenge. However, there is a sweepstakes that participants can enter upon completion of the challenge.


My Child Has Allergies/Is Gluten-Free. Is There An Alternative To The Personal Pan Pizza?

For questions about food allergies, please see our online allergen tool or contact our customer hotline.

Program Information

What if I do not see my school when I enroll?

Visit our enrollment page to get started. If you do not see your school name when you search by zip code, please first verify that you have the correct zip code. Then, click on Can’t Find Your School? At the bottom of the page. This will walk you through adding your school to our program.

Why was my enrollment denied?

If you receive a notice that your enrollment was denied, it means that your school did not meet BOOK IT! Program criteria. If you have further questions, please contact the BOOK IT! Team.

How do I update my address?

Please contact the BOOK IT! Team for assistance.

I work at multiple campuses. Can I enroll at multiple schools?

Yes, but you will need to create separate accounts and use unique email addresses for each enrollment.

How do I enter the BOOK IT! Reading Giveaway?

For complete rules and entry information, please see our giveaway page.

Teacher Dashboard Information

I don’t remember my password.

There is a forgot password request link on the dashboard login page. This will send you an email to reset your password. Be sure to check your junk and spam folders if you do not see the email. Please note that if you request a password reset multiple times, only the most recent email link will be active.

How do I add or delete a student?

For homeschools, students are added at the time of enrollment. If you need to make adjustments to your student count or information, please contact the BOOK IT! Team.

For teachers, please see our digital guide for detailed instructions on deleting, adding or updating student records.