Due to an overwhelming response, enrollment for the 2024 Camp BOOK IT! summer program is now closed. Camp BOOK IT! is available for PreK-6th grade students (ages 4-12). A parent or guardian can visit our enrollment page and select "I’m a parent of a student in grades PreK-6" to enroll.  Only parents may participate in Camp BOOK IT! with their own children; summer  programs, camps and daycares are not eligible. 

The six month BOOK IT! Program runs October 1 through March 31 each year.

BOOK IT! is a reading incentive program created by Pizza Hut in 1984. We empower teachers and parents to motivate their students to read by providing digital Reading Award Certificates®, good for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® from Pizza Hut®. This program is free to schools and parents homeschooling their own children.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Teachers at accredited public, private, and charter schools who teach English Language Arts curriculum for PreK* – 6th grade students (ages 4-12), and enroll individually for their classrooms using their school issued email
  • Students may only participate through their primary classroom teacher and may only earn one certificate per month
  • Parents homeschooling their own children may enroll in the BOOK IT! homeschool program
  • *PreK requirements: School must be accredited and have an approved PreK curriculum. Eligible students must be age 4 by September 1st


Who is not eligible to participate?

  • Homeschool support/enrichment and co-op groups, where the student does not attend full-time
  • PTA/PTO groups or parents
  • Before/afterschool programs
  • Campus enrollments are not accepted, each teacher must enroll individually for their own classes
  • Childcare/daycare/preschool and school/microschool programs at residential addresses


The 2024-25 BOOK IT! Program is only offered in the 50 United States.


Yes! If you are a parent homeschooling your PreK-6th grade child (ages 4-12) and that child does not attend another educational facility, you are eligible to participate in the BOOK IT! Homeschool Program. Homeschool support and co-op groups, where the student does not attend full-time, are not eligible. When you submit a new enrollment request, there is a 3 day review period before your account becomes active.   For example, if you enroll on a Monday, your account will become active on Thursday (72 hours later).

Please note that our homeschool program is all digital and you will be tracking and rewarding your students through our digital dashboard. Enroll now and get started!

We have created a user guide to walk you through tracking and rewarding your students.

Awarded digital certificates will be sent to the email you used to enroll, and you may need to check your spam/junk folder to see if they are sent there. You also may choose to print them, show the certificate to the Pizza Hut team member on your phone/smart device, or place an online order using the digital codes. The digital codes can be found on the certificate or in the Reward area of your dashboard.

Homeschool students are added at the time of enrollment. If you need to make adjustments to your student count or address information, please contact the BOOK IT! Team.

Each program year from October to March, teachers set monthly reading goals for the students in their class. Number of minutes, number of pages or number of books – they all work! Also, parents can read with kids not yet reading independently. When a student reaches their monthly reading goal, the teacher rewards the student with a Reading Award Certificate for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® from Pizza Hut®. Students may earn a total of 6 Reading Award Certificates each program year.

Students may redeem one Reading Award Certificate per month, and the certificate must be used to reward the student who earned it. The student must be present. When a child redeems their Reading Award Certificate with Pizza Hut, they are celebrated with a one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. 

There are two ways to redeem Digital Certificates.

Option 1 – Click on the link in your BOOK IT! Reward email

1.    Click on the code link in the BOOK IT! Reward email.
2.    This will take you to the Pizza Hut website to build your student’s Personal Pan Pizza.
3.    If you are not already assigned to your nearest Pizza Hut location, select delivery or carryout and enter your address to find your local store.
4.    You will then be taken to the BOOK IT! Pizza Builder.
5.    Once you build your one-topping pizza it will be added to your cart and you can sign in to your account.
6.    If you have more than one student with a certificate, you can click on the link in their email next.
7.    This will open a new window for you to build the next pizza, but don’t worry, all of your pizzas will be in your cart at the end.  Note that delivery minimums apply.
8.    Please remember, only 1 certificate per month per child can be redeemed.

Troubleshooting Tips

•    Certificates expire 30 days from the date issued by the teacher – if your certificate is expired you will get the message “We’re sorry, the coupon you entered has expired”
•    If you accidently click on the same reward code more than once you will get the message “Sorry, but the deal you are trying to add (BOOK IT! Free 1-Topping Personal Pan Pizza) is already in your cart, and is available only once per order”
•    If you click on the link and it does not go directly to the BOOK IT! Pizza Builder or you get the message “Sorry, something has gone awry”, please clear the cookies on your computer, click the link again and select Delivery or Carryout prior to signing in to your account.

Option 2 – Enter Coupon codes in your cart at www.pizzahut.com

1.    Visit www.pizzahut.com to enter your order (please do not use the Pizza Hut app).
2.    Ensure that you are logged in and localized to your nearest Pizza Hut.
3.    Click the cart icon in the top right corner.
4.    Enter the serialized code in the “Coupon Code” box (please note that if you are copying and pasting the code, you’ll want to double-check that there’s not an extra space at the end).
5.    The website will alert you that there is not an appropriate deal in the cart and prompt you to “Go to Deals.”
6.    Configure your one-topping Personal Pan Pizza as desired.
7.    Complete the order and checkout (code is already applied). Note that delivery minimums apply.
8.    Repeat for each certificate you are redeeming – remember, only 1 certificate per child per month can be redeemed.

No. Group redemptions and parties are strictly prohibited. An important part of the BOOK IT! program is individual recognition of your students for meeting their reading goals and our team members are trained to provide individual recognition.

No. While many other groups and programs share our love of reading, BOOK IT! is only open to the classroom teachers who meet the criteria outlined in the eligibility information. Afterschool, daycare, tutoring and programs offered at residential addresses are not eligible. You can encourage schools in your community to enroll by directing them to our website.

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