The Literacy Project

The Literacy Project

Pizza Hut believes education is the key to unlocking a person's full potential, and we believe that educational success is rooted in childhood reading skills. Since 1984, Pizza Hut has nurtured a love of reading through the BOOK IT! Program – inspiring 1-in-5 Americans along the way! Now, through The Literacy Project, we have an even greater goal – to transform the lives of 100 million people in just 10 years, by enabling access to books and educational resources, empowering teachers and inspiring readers.

How it Works

All funds donated through The Literacy Project go to First Book, a non-profit social enterprise, to help provide free books that are age-appropriate and culturally-relevant to children in need in communities like yours. When you give to The Literacy Project, you help children in your community and across the nation have a better chance to succeed in life.

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