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BOOK IT! is Digital.

BOOK IT! is Digital.

With our new digital option, all of the BOOK IT! features you know and love are available through our teacher dashboard, like online reading tracking, personalized certificates emailed to parents and an interactive classroom celebration. Our digital program is perfect for connected classrooms, virtual schools and homeschools.

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BOOK IT! is Simple

BOOK IT! is Simple.

Teachers enroll their own class and choose between our paper program or our new digital classroom experience. They reward students for meeting reading goals with Reading Award Certificates. As always, both digital and paper certificates can be redeemed for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® at Pizza Hut®.

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BOOK IT! is Flexible

BOOK IT! is Flexible.

Teachers choose the program that’s right for their class, paper or digital. Then, they set goals based on their students’ reading ability. Number of minutes, number of pages or number of books. Whatever fits!

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BOOK IT! is Fun

BOOK IT! is Fun.

BOOK IT! is fun in the classroom and at home. Students celebrate by redeeming their Reading Award Certificates at Pizza Hut for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza, a prize and a sticker for each month they reach their reading goal, no matter how they participate. Classrooms participating in our digital program can celebrate student success with our out-of-this-world classroom experience, designed with projectors and smartboards in mind.

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BOOK IT! is Free.

BOOK IT! is Free.

Best of all, the BOOK IT! Program is always free to schools! Thank you for helping us turn “have to read” into “want to read!”

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In the Classroom

We provide free printables to use in the classroom to help you reinforce story concepts, enhance parent communications, celebrate program completion, monitor student reading goals, and much more.

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Testimonial 1
"I absolutely love the BOOK IT! program! It has been a fun and yummy way to encourage my students to read more. My students truly enjoy being rewarded for something they already love to do."

— Imelda G., Lamar Elementary, TX

Testimonial 2
"BOOK IT! has not only motivated my daughter to read, but also to write. She enjoys going to Pizza Hut to get her free Personal Pan Pizza and sticker for her Reading Journal."

— Samantha R. Reidsville, NC